Sunday 7th June 2020
With three distances available, this will be a first opportunity for many to swim a decent distance without waves, seawater and tides/current in this corner of the world, in the very pleasant Lake1 at Action Watersports. LongSwim1: 1900m, 2: 3800m and 3: 5700m.img
Race HQ: Action Watersports, Dengemarsh Road, Lydd, Kent, TN29 9JH
Directions: Click this link, press Directions, choose the car symbol, enter your postcode or half of it, on the top line and click the spyglass.
Registration: from 06:30,  First wave starts: 09:15.
On-line entries: will close at 8pm on the preceding Thursday.
Entry in advance: £18.
Entry on the day: will be available subject to capacity, , cash only at registration please. I believe we have never yet turned away an athlete on the day of a race. Please print and fill in our form (see [Race entry] at top of page) and bring it along, which is easier for you and us at a busy registration desk.
Race pack: We don't send out a race pack in the post, everything is handled at registration on the day. No worries.
Pre-race emails: are normally sent the day after on-line entries close, occasionally 2 days after.
Chip timing: This event will be chip timed, subject to sufficient numbers.
Event Records: Male 00:27:43, Female 00:38:49 (Some courses have altered over time)
Long Swim @ Lydd 1.9k 2021 date: yet to be confirmed.
More info: On the Sunday of Marshman weekend, we have three Long Swim events. Perhaps you will be supporting somebody at the half-iron event and want something to do while they are out on the bike. Or perhaps you just fancy a decent swim without the waves or salty water or the 25 metre turnarounds or just without all that cycling and running round the countryside. Well now we have three swim distances for you on Marshman Sunday in the fabulous lake: 1.9km, 3.8km and 5.7km. These will set off after the half-iron athletes have left transition, and will consist of 1, 2 or 3 laps of the half-iron-distance "M"-shaped course in the lake. Of course, 1.9km is the same distance as those athletes will swim; 3.8km is the full ironman-distance swim, for those who don't know; and some would refer to 5.7km as a half-marathon or more. Come on in, the water's lovely. It's the same entry price for any distance.
The event takes place in the pleasant water of Action Watersports' Lake 1, Dengemarsh Road, Lydd, Kent TN29 9JH
The 1,900m course in the lake is an "M" shape, where you swim up the right-hand-side, turn sharp left at the right-end buoy, come back to the middle of the lake, make a sharp right turn back to the far-left buoy where you make a final sharp left and swim back down the right side to the start. Those swimming the 3,800m event will do that a second time, and those swimming the epic 5.7k will do it a third time.
The lake is not deep, so it warms up quite quickly in a period of reasonable weather. Wetsuits will be compulsory.

Site plan and swim routes are in the link below. Pick your race distance in the left menu.
Terms and Conditions: Please see our terms and conditions here.