Post race report

Thank you very much for putting on this friendly event, which I enjoyed (well, apart from that uphill run after the bike ride!). Thanks, too, to the lovely marshals, who were so encouraging.
This was my first duathlon and I shall certainly look out for other such events.

Thanks for your email and results.
I’m very glad my wife convinced me to enter as I enjoyed the event. It was my first experience of having to run after a bike ride. I wondered what it would be like. I now know how normal running will feel at 90 if I get there!
The event was very well organised and the venue, HQ and course, very good.
Thanks to you and all your friendly marshals.

Thank-you very much for a well run event. The weather was the worst I have ridden in EVER & I did my first Tri in 1986! But THAT was out of your control. The marshals were so helpful and you lot on the roundabouts must have been frozen like ice. I like the hat at the end too… who wants another cheesy medal although I love large cheesy trophies. Thank-you and your team.

Thanks for putting on a great race today in horrible conditions, Cheers

Hello Mike, a quick thanks for my entry for Sunday and letting me change distance. Plus a big thanks to all the marshals in what was awful weather.