A record 60 athletes took part in our first evening tri at Lydd with wins for Andrew Carson

and Dawn Bartel , the weather was perfect with blue skies and sunshine ,  a light headwind on the return from Camber but it wasn’t without incident , Scott Wiseman was leading the bike and hoping to repeat his victory of last year when a 11 year old boy ran into his path without looking , both ended up sprawled in the road and an  ambulance was called , after checking over they were given the all clear  , our thanks go to Darren Hall and Andy Nicklin who stayed with Scott until he was ready to go and to Jay , our Camber marshall who brought Scott and his bike back to HQ . Roy Beeley had problems with a van making a 3 point turn in front of him (also in Camber) and one of our ladies was smacked by a passing motorist , quite deliberately , however she got his reg number and it will be reported to the Police for hopefully , prosecution .Other than that everyone seemed to enjoy a great evenings racing !