The Lake

Here’s where all our informal stuff happens.  It’s Lake 1 at Action Watersports (address below), used for various forms of getting wet with the help of an engine for most of the week.  The lake is a bit over 600m long or 500m from the jetty to the far end.  If your goggles are up to it, you might spot some distance markers on the West bank (no, not in the Middle-East!).  The lake is not very deep, so it warms up at a reasonable pace in a reasonable Spring and it tastes a lot better than the sea, though lake-tasting is not endorsed by the management.  Goggles should be considered a must-have for open-water swimming and a bright swim cap is a good idea.

The Lake

Lake 1 at Action Watersports

2018 Informal evening sprint tri’s on: May 30, June 20, July 11 at 7:00 and a supersprint at 6:45 (tbc) on July 25, 2018.  Sprint Tri distances are 500m swim, 20k bike to Camber (holiday camp roundabout) and back, 5.2k run.  Registration (on the day only, cash only please) from 5:00pm, £20 (no concessions for the evening events, sorry). The supersprint on 25th will be 300m swim, 14k bike, 3k run.

Open water swim nights take place in the lake, roughly during British Summer Time, on Tuesdays between 5:30pm and 7pm, and Thursdays between 6:30pm and 8pm.  A nominal fee of £6 is charged and you will be asked to sign in for safety reasons.  You may want a wet-suit and a swim cap, preferably a bright one so you can be spotted at a distance. A leisure wet-suit can be hired for £5.  These are not designed for swimming but I used one several times before I bought a proper swimming version and they are perfectly adequate to find out whether you want to invest in a proper swimming model.  Talk to any of the regulars if you want some advice.  Goggles should be considered a must-have for open-water swimming. There is always someone on the jetty and a jet ski on hand should anyone get into difficulty but as the regular route up and down the lake is used by everyone we also watch out for each other. “Keep right” (swim anti-clockwise) is the usual rule unless instructed otherwise.


Venue map

Action Watersports
Lake 1
Dengemarsh Road
TN29 9JH

Phone 01797 321885